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Top 5 Anti-Spyware Products 2009 Software to Detect, Block, and Remove Spyware

With today's threats it is harder and harder to draw the line between spyware and viruses and browser hijacking and other threats. It seems like attacks generally blur the lines and use mutliple methods to spread and to compromise systems. Many anti-spyware products and functions have simply been absorbed into more comprehensive antimalware products. [p] Below is a list of the 5 best products aimed at detecting, blocking, and removing spyware from your PC.

2009 marks the 10-year anniversary of Ad-Aware. Lavasoft's flagship product has been a reliable safeguard against spyware for a decade and the Anniversary Edition (AE) is the best version yet.
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Spybot is one of the originators of the anti-spyware genre. It is available for free, in a wide variety of languages, and it is constantly updated to guard against the latest threats.
To help protect their Microsoft Windows operating system Microsoft developed Windows Defender. The software is available for free for Windows XP from the site, but also comes pre-installed in Windows Vista.
Spy Sweeper is perpetually ranked as one of the best, if not the best, anti-spyware products available. Webroot has expanded to also provide additional antivirus and other malware protection products, but for pure anti-spyware protection Spy Sweeper is definitely in the Top 5.
Counter Spy offers powerful protection for Windows XP and Windows Vista to guard against all of the various forms of spyware and rootkits. Counter Spy is an effective safeguard against spyware threats.

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nice.. thanks for the information :X

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