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Tips Review My Page Rank and Make Money On line in Blog

Hi guest, here review my blog about Pr. 4 for google up date in new year 2010.Happy blogging and enjoy read this step for review my blog Pr. 4 :1. Routine Blogwalking,
Everyday routine blogwalking to all my friends in blog. Minimal two or three hour everyday on line.
2. Routine give Comment,
If Blogwalking please routine give comment for article all your blog friends.
3. Active Submit blog for search engine or blog rank,
If you want Pr go ing up, please follow step active submit your blog to search engine for example google, yahoo, msn, bing. Follow step to submit for blog rank like Alexa, blogs on top, Digg Now, Top of Blog, Blog Catalog and more blog rank.
4. Routine write Post article,
guest routine write post article. And please read continue...
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Adding new pages
There is a possible negative effect of adding new pages. Take a perfectly normal site. It has some inbound links from other sites and its pages have some PageRank. Then a new page is added to the site and is linked to from one or more of the existing pages. The new page will, of course, aquire PageRank from the site's existing pages. The effect is that, whilst the total PageRank in the site is increased, one or more of the existing pages will suffer a PageRank loss due to the new page making gains. Up to a point, the more new pages that are added, the greater is the loss to the existing pages. With large sites, this effect is unlikely to be noticed but, with smaller ones, it probably would.
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So, although adding new pages does increase the total PageRank within the site, some of the site's pages will lose PageRank as a result. The answer is to link new pages is such a way within the site that the important pages don't suffer, or add sufficient new pages to make up for the effect (that can sometimes mean adding a large number of new pages), or better still, get some more inbound links.

The Google toolbar
If you have the Google toolbar installed in your browser, you will be used to seeing each page's PageRank as you browse the web. But all isn't always as it seems. Many pages that Google displays the PageRank for haven't been indexed in Google and certainly don't have any PageRank in their own right. What is happening is that one or more pages on the site have been indexed and a PageRank has been calculated. The PageRank figure for the site's pages that haven't been indexed is allocated on the fly - just for your toolbar. The PageRank itself doesn't exist.

It's important to know this so that you can avoid exchanging links with pages that really don't have any PageRank of their own. Before making exchanges, search for the page on Google to make sure that it is indexed.

Some people believe that Google drops a page's PageRank by a value of 1 for each sub-directory level below the root directory. E.g. if the value of pages in the root directory is generally around 4, then pages in the next directory level down will be generally around 3, and so on down the levels. Other people (including me) don't accept that at all. Either way, because some spiders tend to avoid deep sub-directories, it is generally considered to be beneficial to keep directory structures shallow (directories one or two levels below the root).

ODP and Yahoo!
It used to be thought that Google gave a Pagerank boost to sites that are listed in the Yahoo! and ODP (a.k.a. DMOZ) directories, but these days general opinion is that they don't. There is certainly a PageRank gain for sites that are listed in those directories, but the reason for it is now thought to be this:-

Google spiders the directories just like any other site and their pages have decent PageRank and so they are good inbound links to have. In the case of the ODP, Google's directory is a copy of the ODP directory. Each time that sites are added and dropped from the ODP, they are added and dropped from Google's directory when they next update it. The entry in Google's directory is yet another good, PageRank boosting, inbound link. Also, the ODP data is used for searches on a myriad of websites - more inbound links!

Listings in the ODP are free but, because sites are reviewed by hand, it can take quite a long time to get in. The sooner a working site is submitted, the better. For tips on submitting to DMOZ, see this this DMOZ article.

Comments and suggestions
Comments and suggestions are welcomed. Please post in the forum if you have any.
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Thank guest, keep happy blogging...

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putra Tuesday, January 12, 2010 5:01:00 PM  

Nice tips, ,,,
But I have just do 3 of all ..
hehehe ,,
Im busy man ..

aan Tuesday, January 12, 2010 6:35:00 PM  

Your article is very useful for..
thanks ,

Bayu Lebond Tuesday, January 12, 2010 7:15:00 PM  

jeng...kalo mo bikin "anda sudah baca yg ini" bagai mana cih...

ARIF'S Tuesday, January 12, 2010 11:06:00 PM  

nice info ......
very helpfull to me.

rizan Tuesday, January 12, 2010 11:13:00 PM  

nice post...

cari translator dulu ah :)

Kang Marno Wednesday, January 13, 2010 1:59:00 AM  

mantap sob postingannya sangat membantu

khusnul Wednesday, January 13, 2010 6:25:00 AM  

@ Buat semuanya makasih sekali atas komentarnya, ini aku coba buat buyreview,benar bayar dollar atau scam...

kamusnya punyaku juga baru beli ...

Rival Aditya Wednesday, January 13, 2010 12:47:00 PM  

baca urusan nanti yg penting mengamankan yg ke9 dulu

Rival Aditya Wednesday, January 13, 2010 12:48:00 PM  

wah mantab De' tipsnya.. n mantab... Happy blogging

Writer Wednesday, January 13, 2010 4:14:00 PM  

thanks for sharing..keep blogging :)

Johnson Manurung Thursday, January 14, 2010 11:16:00 AM  

the articles are intersting & useful
thank you for sharing
best regards

Mas Doyok Friday, January 15, 2010 3:04:00 AM  

satu lagi dik gabung di forum ini
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Earn Money with Facebook Friday, January 15, 2010 10:14:00 AM  

berat nih materinya.. tapi bagus.. setelah dibaca2 eh ternyata.. review... ckckckck.. tapi makasi ya..

oiya, ada banyak cara lain sebenernya untuk nambah rank google, coba cek http://rankboosters.blogspot.com and increase your rank rapidly

Anonymous,  Friday, January 15, 2010 4:44:00 PM  

Humm.. thanks for this tips..
Saya sudah melakukan beberapa tips di atas.. tapi.. kalau komentar belum maksimal sepertinya.. mengingat masih menggunakan jasa warnet. ^^

Dhana/戴安娜 Monday, January 18, 2010 2:39:00 AM  

salam sahabat
wah kalo gitu mengenahi PR memang ga tahulah he,..he..maaf sibuk dhek jarang ol n BW good luck ya

elyas Tuesday, January 19, 2010 9:43:00 PM  

kemana mana ketemu khusnul hohohoho

Anonymous,  Sunday, January 24, 2010 4:31:00 PM  

Wow infonya menarik banget....makasih ya.

~*Bintang-Narondang*~ Monday, January 25, 2010 5:56:00 PM  

Senengnya aku dapat info ini, makasih yaa Nul

Bayu Lebond Tuesday, January 26, 2010 2:29:00 AM  

selamat pageeee...jeng....semoga harimu indah...

Anonymous,  Wednesday, January 27, 2010 5:29:00 AM  

great review... but i dont have much time for blogwalking and update posting hi hi..
ngejob review jg nih.. mantap.. keep spirit :)

Nophie Wednesday, January 27, 2010 5:29:00 PM  

patut dicoba neh, PR aku kena gebuk lageee

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