Monday, March 08, 2010

Younger Tip with Tomatoes

What do you Believe? IN general, vegetables and fruits which contain red pigment called lycopene primary, one tomato.
Various scientific studies show that lycopene is not only important as the giver of red pigment, but also very beneficial for health.
Even the name was derived from lycopene tomato species, Solanum Lycopersicum ie. It was shown that tomatoes contain lycopene levels at most of the many kinds of vegetables and fruits.
Last few years, lycopene has attracted the attention of food scientists because it proved useful to prevent cancer, particularly prostate cancer.
Penelitin involving a man who made 473 in the United States Yale University showed that men who have prostate cancer-free more lycopene levels in their blood than those who suffer from prostate cancer.
Lycopene is the pigment that carries karetonoid red color.
Lycopene is found in materials other than food in general, is also present in human blood levels of 0.5 mol / liter of blood.
Dr. William Dahut from the National Cancer Institute said the United States, consumes three tomatoes a week can prevent prostate cancer.

Giovannuci epidemiological research results in 1999 reported, consuming large amounts of lycopene may reduce prostate cancer up to 21%. Eating tomatoes and processed tomato products containing 82% lycopene may reduce prostate cancer by 35%.
Ageless In addition, lycopene is also increasingly recognized to have tremendous benefits for health. Even beauty experts also recommend to eat tomatoes regularly so that your body youthful.
Therefore, lycopene may act as powerful antioxidants that act against free radicals due to pollution and ultraviolet radiation (UV).
Chemical structure of lycopene is very different from the type karetonoid in general. The structure of lycopene can not be converted into vitamin A and have been known to have the ability to capture free radicals that are more efficient than other karetonoid.

even name lycopene is also known to have antioxidant activity of two times stronger than vitamin E.
The result showed that the crushed tomatoes or cooked will contain more lycopene than fresh tomatoes (not processed).
Content of lycopene in tomato products in 3700 micrograms of raw ripe tomatoes, at 6200 micrograms of tomato sauce, and 5000-11600 micrograms of tomato juice.
Tomato juice cooked with the oil medium would be more quickly raise the blood lycopene levels two to three times compared with juice from fresh tomatoes.
Yes I Believe.

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referensiregistrasi Monday, March 08, 2010 11:17:00 AM  

I like tomato. Because its function is good for my eyes

Bayu Lebond Monday, March 08, 2010 12:12:00 PM  

Tomato juice cooked with the oil medium would be more quickly raise the blood lycopene levels two to three times compared with juice from fresh tomatoes....Yes I Believe.

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